The Seven Levels of Healing program is designed for patients and families who want to combine the very best conventional medical treatments for cancer and other illnesses with an expanding array of complementary therapies and mind/body approaches to healing. The Program is based on the belief that for healing to be complete, all the dimensions of who we are as human beings -- physical, mental, emotional, psychosocial, and spiritual -- must be addressed in a meaningful and effective way.

While supporting patients to find and receive the highest quality medical care and attention to the needs of the physical body, the Program also guides patients and family members through the important and profound dimensions of the mind, heart, and spirit that can profoundly impact all aspects of the healing journey.

The Program coherently addresses seven distinct levels of inquiry and exploration that are necessary for awareness, healing, and transformation to occur at the deepest levels -- and which help patients and family members to navigate the journey as skillfully and effectively as possible.








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